The Block Dock (Walnut) iPhone 5

Stump Industries


The simple, sleek design of this dock makes it a perfect addition to any desk or counter top.  All docks are precision cut from hand selected walnut pieces, and finished with a few coats of natural orange/linseed oil.  This version of the Block Dock is designed to work with the cable that came with your iPhone 5, which also gives it the added advantage of being repairable in the event that your cable were to break.  Minor assembly is required (it's a 5-10 minute operation and requires a Phillips-head screwdriver).

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately these docks will only work with an iPhone 5 WITHOUT a bumper or case.  We apologize, but it would just be too difficult to make this dock work with the myriad of iPhone cases out there.  Also, these are made to order so each one will be slightly different depending on the grain and color of the wood used (the one in the photos is just an example - not the one you will receive).  And again, the cable is NOT included in this version of the Block Dock.