Block Dock 5 Assembly

Thank you for your purchase!  In order to get your dock ready for use please follow the instructions below closely.  Please note that your Block Dock is designed to work with the official Apple Lightning cable ONLY.  We can't guarantee that third party/aftermarket cables will fit.  Also note that your dock is NOT designed for repetitive removal/installation of cables.  After initial installation please only remove the cable if it is absolutely necessary (i.e. the cable breaks and needs to be replaced).  Repetitive removal/installation could strip the screw holes and cause other damage to the dock.

For this installation you will need:

  • Phllips-head screwdriver.
  • Lightning charger cable (one came with your iPhone)
  • 3/32" hex key (included)
  • (5) rubber bumpers (included)

Step 1:

With a Phillips-head screwdriver carefully remove the (4) brass screws on the bottom of the dock.

Step 2:

Thread the "Lightning" connector side of charging cable up through the bottom of the dock.

Try to make the top of the plastic part flush with the wood (see photo) so that only the metal part of the connect is exposed.

Step 3:

Take one of the included rubber bumpers and wedge it between the steel collar and the cable.

Step 4:

Use the included hex key to tighten the steel collar onto the cable.  Only tighten until the cable feels snug in place and won't pull out of the collar when you tug on it.  Over tightening could push the set screw through the rubber bumper and into the cable, potentially causing minor damage.

Step 5:

Double check that the cable hasn't moved up or down, and that only the metal part of the cable is still exposed.  This is also a good time to fit your phone into the dock to make sure that it fits properly.

Step 6:

Fit the cable into the groove on the back of the dock.  It should be a snug fit.

Step 7:

Place the bottom cover back on and screw into place.  Tighten the screws until they are flush with the wood.  Again be careful not to over tighten. In this case over tightening could potentially crack the wood or strip the screws/screw holes.

Step 8 (Optional):

Apply the remaining (4) rubber bumpers to the bottom of the dock.  These bumpers will help protect whatever surface that you set your dock on.

And that's it!  Plug in the cable, insert your phone, and you are good to go!